Monday Night Joga 6pm

Dāna Yoga – Generosity Yoga Mondays 6pm at Wicked Wort. All are welcome always. Money is not a requirement or expectation. Everything you need you already have, your practice is here whenever you like.
FREE BEER!! I’m the Assistant Brewer here, and I’ll be serving you an 8oz pour anytime 15 minutes before or after class. Please come early and/or stay after – buy some beer, and tip your bartenders!
COVID: maximum 20 people, preregister through Facebook Events: 
Please do not come if you are symptomatic or have had a possible contact, and please wear a mask until you reach your mat (or floor space, a mat is not a requirement).
Dāna is a sanskrit word that translates to (cultivating) generosity. In this class, first and foremost, you’ll be generous with your self – by showing up, meeting your self where you’re at, and letting practice serve you.
Each month, any donations received will go 100% directly to a local partner nonprofit organization. If you have any time, money, or other resources you feel compelled to be generous with regarding that month’s cause, the space will be there.
For the first two months (Nov and Dec 2020), I’m leading off by furthering Wicked Wort’s existing efforts to give generously towards St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (
For all additional months, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have YOU all discuss (here on Facebook, amongst one another, and with me) and choose future causes that resonate with you. This is a key part of the yoga process: self study, reflection, intention, action, repeat.
Please reach out however whenever, and especially for folks who may not be on Facebook, please feel free to direct them to Wicked Wort’s website (I may eventually create a Dāna Yoga website but haven’t yet), and/or share or contact me directly via email/text (below).
Joe Popham