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This blog highlights our Summer 2019 bottle release: Captain Carly’s Tropical Stout aged in Rum Barrels.

This beer fits its’ namesake: it has a big personality and a smooth approach to roastiness. Relative to an American Stout, Captain Carly is a bit boozier, and while still containing roasted malts, the overall taste and mouthfeel are very smooth, likely more than most stouts.

In addition to some soft chocolate notes common to many stouts, we are excited for the sweet fruitiness that our Tropical Stout showcases. We used Ekuanot hops to bring citrus flavors ranging from lime to apple to berry.

Finally, RUM! We are really pleased with how Captain Carly aged in these spiced rum barrels. Big rum flavors round out the Tropical Stout experience without any alcoholic heat, keeping the summertime sipper smooth. Of course this beer is also a perfect addition to your beer cellar, and will surely only get better with age!

Come enjoy a late taste of summer on Saturday September 7th for the release party starting at noon!

– Josh Denny Head Brewer & Joe Popham Assistant Brewer


Happy Pride!

For this blog we wanted to focus on two things – a new beer and Whiz Bang Days.

New beer!
This week we brewed our MN Made IPA. All the malt and hops are Minnesotan… Nice! Our MN Made IPA is built to be balanced and approachable.

For the malt, we used mostly two-row barley, along with a handful each of honey and victory malt. This offers a approachable, stable body to the beer, with light hints of bready sweetness.

For the hops, we are pleased to partner with Mighty Axe Hops. Mighty Axe operates in the Minnesota “terroir”, so these Cascade and Zeus hop strains feature balanced citrus flavors derived from the local growing region.

Whiz Bang Days
We are looking forward to Whiz Bang Days! Saturday, in addition to our regular taproom lineup, you can find many of our other favorite beers in our tap trailer in the back lot. Some of your old favorites might just be on tap out there, so enjoy both indoors and outdoors alongside great food and live music!
Friday: https://www.facebook.com/events/540503773147071/
Saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/783505618711594/

We invite you to come in and try our MN Made IPA when it goes on tap in the next month or so, and we look forward to seeing you at Whiz Bang Days!

– Josh Denny Head Brewer & Joe Popham Assistant Brewer

Monday April 22nd 2019

This week we bottled Rude Awakening, our Imperial Breakfast Stout aged in Hot Sauce Bourbon Barrels. You heard that right – hot sauce was aged in Bourbon barrels, and then we took those barrels and aged our beer in ’em.

We look forward to releasing Rude Awakening to you all on Saturday, May 4th, alongside a re-release of El Jefe Grande, our Imperial Vienna Lager aged in Tequila Barrels. Jefe was originally released Cinco de Mayo 2018; We cellared a select number of bottles, and the re-release is your chance to enjoy one-year-aged Jefe.

Joe was tasked with gathering tasting notes. Discussing what you notice as you share beer with others is a great way to better appreciate and be able to speak to your perception. Below are some of Joe’s hometown (Duluth) family and friends’s thoughts on each beer, blind tasted.

Rude Awakening
Aroma: coffee
Flavor: coffee, chocolate, cayenne, bourbon, spicy, chiles, habanero, could pair well with a Bloody Mary
Mouthfeel: thick (like barleywine), slight burning sensation in the back of the throat
El Jefe Grande
Aroma: brandy
Flavor: nutty (like english ales), malty, maple, caramel, bready, low bitterness, low esters (not distinct like a Belgian yeast), brandy in the finish
Mouthfeel: clean and smooth like a lager

We look forward to seeing you at the release party on Saturday, May 4th! Both beers will be on tap, and of course bottles will be available for purchase, while supplies last. As always, we welcome your comments, and are happy see you enjoying the taproom.

– Josh Denny Head Brewer & Joe Popham Assistant Brewer


For this month’s entry, we wanted to discuss an upcoming beer, the Scottish Stout.

The Scottish Stout is a bit of a mash up between two more well known beers; the Scotch Ale and Stout. Scottish-style ales are known for being malt-forward, so with our Scottish Stout, you can count on rich maltiness to come through in the aroma, mouthfeel, and taste. You’ll notice caramelization and sweetness. Keep an eye out for the subtle touch of peat malt we used, it adds notes of smokey peat. Our Scottish Stout also showcases a darker color than most Scotch Ales are known for. Roasted barley and chocolate malts add deep dark malt flavors that create levels of maltiness that truly brings these two styles together.

We invite you to come in and try our Scottish Stout when it goes on tap in the next month or so.

– Josh Denny Head Brewer & Joe Popham Assistant Brewer


This week we’re brewing a German Pale Ale.

It features Weyermann Pale Ale malt and two new German hops, Ariana and Callista.

Weyermann Pale Ale malt is similar to other standard 2-row barley malts The difference is it kilned a bit longer, imparting a slightly darker color and an enhanced malt character, including notes of bread, dried fruits, and honey.

But this Pale Ale really showcases the two new German hop varieties just released in 2017 – Ariana and Callista. These hops were created by the same brilliant folks at the Hop Research Center in Hüll, Germany who gave us the Mandarina Bavaria. Ariana and Callista have distinct but complementary characteristics.

Ariana contributes notes of black currants, grapefruit, gooseberry, and vanilla.

Callista adds notes of apricots, blackberries, raspberries, and citrus.

Overall, look for a great combination of classic noble hop smoothness with bright fruitiness.

We invite you to come in and try our German Pale Ale when it goes on tap in the next month or two! In the meantime, we welcome your comments, and would like to see you in the taproom to try one (or two!) of our current offerings.

– Josh Denny Head Brewer & Joe Popham Assistant Brewer