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Wicked Craft Brews


Birdtown Blonde Ale

5.1% ABV 26 IBU

Our house Blonde Ale, named for its hometown. Easy drinking with a balance of malt and hops, it offers notes of honey graham crackers with a easy floral hop finish.


Icy Cold IPA

6.9% ABV 51 IBU

Classic IPA hopped with Simcoe and Citra. Fermented with Lager yeast rather than Ale yeast, the “Cold” in the IPA refers to the cooler fermentation temperatures. Cold for the beer, light and crisp for you.


Showgirl Raspberry Wheat Ale

5.5%ABV 15 IBU

Our classic wheat beer base with over 300lbs of pure Raspberry Puree and our house Kolsch yeast which contributes other complex fruit flavors.


Your Buddies Hefeweizen

4.7% ABV  9 IBU

"Hefe" meaning yeast and "weizen" meaning wheat, this classic wheat beer is brewed with a traditional German yeast giving it notes of clove and banana.


Savage Citra EPA

6% ABV  40 IBU

Ohhh Yeaaa! This Extra Pale Ale was brewed exclusively with Citra Hops! Let me tell ya somethin else brother; Maris Otter, Honey and Biscuit malts provide a balance to the citrusy hops.  Truly making this beer "Too hot to handle, and too cold to hold!". 

Hazy planet.png

Hazy Planet Any IPA

6.7% ABV 34 IBU

This hop heavy crowd pleaser is brewed with the juiciest hops giving notes of pineapple, mango, and citrus. Hazy in appearance, juicy in flavor, and a smooth finish, Hazy Planet will transport you to a tropical paradise.


Wicked Seltzer


5.2% ABV

Our house seltzer with fresh blueberry and raspberry puree.


Pink Rhapsody Sour Ale

6.8% ABV   3 IBU


An American Sour Ale made with almost 400 pounds of fresh pink guava puree. The pink guava gives the beer notes of strawberry and pear to balance out the tartness.

second breakfast_edited.png

Honey Beer Brown Ale

6.2% ABV  24 IBU 

A combination of roasty malts and American hops would have been enough to make this beer something to talk about. Adding clover honey to give it just a touch of sweetness makes it something truly special. 


6% ABV 16 IBU

German Tourist Dunkles Weissbier

A moderately dark German wheat beer with a distinctive banana-and-clove yeast character, supported by a toasted bread or caramel malt flavor. Highly carbonated and refreshing, with a creamy, fluffy texture and light finish that encourages drinking.


11% ABV  

Tsar  Bomba 


Russian Imperial Stout Barrel aged in Jim Beam Bourbon Barrels.

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