Wicked Craft Brews


Birdtown Blonde Ale

5.1% ABV 26 IBU

Our house Blonde Ale, named for its hometown. Easy drinking with a balance of malt and hops, it offers notes of honey graham crackers with a easy floral hop finish.


MN Made


6% ABV 50 IBU

We utilized MN malts and MN Hops (from Mighty Axe Hops) to create a hoppy, dry and heavily drinkable IPA. Featuring hop notes of tangerine, peach, apricot and dank resin.


Showgirl Raspberry Wheat Ale

5.5%ABV 15 IBU

Our classic wheat beer base with over 300lbs of pure Raspberry Puree and our house Kolsch yeast which contributes other complex fruit flavors.


Big Deal


4.7% ABV 20 IBU

Our Kölsch is the most approachable beer in our lineup. It has low bitterness and soft malt presence with a crisp, dry finish. What makes this beer style unique is the subtle notes of apple and pear, which are created by the German yeast. So if you're a fan of many leather bound books and rich mahogany, then you'll be a fan of this beer because it, too, is kind of a big deal.


Savage Citra EPA

6% ABV 40 IBU

Ohhh Yeaaa! This Extra Pale Ale was brewed exclusively with Citra Hops! Let me tell ya somethin else brother; Maris Otter, Honey and Biscuit malts provide a balance to the citrusy hops.  Truly making this beer "Too hot to handle, and too cold to hold!".


Kohatu Smash Pale Ale

5.6% ABV 36 IBU

New Zealand hop all-star Kohatu shines in this SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop) Pale Ale.  We used our house hazy ipa yeast and added Kohatu during fermentation to really up the tropical flavors through a process called biotransformation.


New England IPA*

7% ABV 45 IBU

Featuring loads and loads (and then another load) of Mosaic and Citra hops in the whirlpool and then again during and post fermentation. This tropical, citrus fruit forward IPA also incorporates a significant amount of wheat and oats for a full bodied, juicy, mouth watering experience.


Strictly Casual Cherry Lime Kettle Sour*

6.5% ABV 5 IBU 


There's one hard rule about drinking sours in late summer: don't take yourself too seriously.  Bold cherry meets zesty lime for a seriously cool combo.  Throw a tuxedo t-shirt and your fanciest cheap sunglasses on, and enjoy this one while it and summer nights are still here.



6.3 % ABV 30 IBU

Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi!  A classic Bavarian Marzen style Oktoberfest. Toasty, bready maltiness with light spicy, floral hops in the nose and finish. Clean and balanced, ideal for festivals, and brewed to be drank by the liter. Prost! 

DBA0955F-8A50-4D22-9DAC-AE6586440EA0 2_edited.png

5% ABV 10 IBU

Daily Grind Coffee Lager

A crisp, dry and drinkable coffee lager; without the coffee coming off as overpowering.  Coffee hand selected by Bean There Coffee Shop, right next door!


9% ABV 25 IBU

Finesse Belgian Golden Strong Ale*

This one lives up to its style's name.  Clean Pilsner malt, soft noble hops, and classic Belgian yeast combine with a customized water profile to make for a smooth, golden and strong brew.


4.7% ABV 32 IBU

Aussie Pale Ale

This pale ale features hops grown exclusively in Australia; Vic Secret & Galaxy. These hops provide big juicy, tropical, fruit flavors. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!